Mercenary Guild

Taking the Darkpath

Break a war hero out of jail.

The party is joined by a Mull Battlemind named Rockby, and are given a quest by the Wetroot leader Alexis Murdock. The mission is to save a war hero names Karl Darkpath, a former friend-by-the-sword of Rockby, from his incarceration. The party is warned of the Suell group which wishes for nothing more than to see Karl Darkpath dead. Arriving at the town of Molarn, the adventurers are confronted by a crime-lord. The Crime-lord offers them assistance to break out Karl Darkpath as long as they also break out his step-son. The party agrees and are told of a secret path to the jail through the sewers. After an encounter with a few rats and a nefarious group of Suell, the heroes sneak into the jail and, with the assistance of a Karl Darkpath adoring guard, break Karl Darkpath out of jail as well as the Crime-lord’s step-son. After returning the son to his father-in-law, the mercenaries return to Wetroot victorious. Karl Darkpath, still a wanted man, dose not join the group and chooses to live his life in hiding, instructing Rockby to join the mercenary group.



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